Way back in 2014, we formally introduced you to the informal musical stylings of The Blue Mooners, a side project with a fixation on bare buttocks. Since the release of that self-titled debut, which included such flesh-focused favorites as “Are The Raccoons Out Tonight?” and “Yummy Yummy,” The Blue Mooners’ catalog hasn’t grown at all, but the band decided to show fans a little something with a music video for its cheeky number, “Never Meant To Moon You.”

The grainy and goofy video shows frontman “Spud Butler” fishing, mowing a soccer field, and penning an apologetic letter to the apparent recipient of the song’s titular act of exposure as tears of regret roll down his cheeks face. Take three minutes out of your day to “bare” witness to The Blue Mooners’ “Never Meant To Moon You” video. It could be the best song you hear about a guy showing his butt that you hear all day.

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