Milwaukee’s B~Free describes herself as a “musical Swiss Army Knife.” In other words, she does it all: writes, sings, produces, rocks the hell out of the flute. Her latest single, “iProduce My Own Shit,” reflects that multi-threat skill set in both style and substance. And, like the pro that B~Free is, she does it with an effortlessly cool confidence and a laid-back approach. “Yes, I can write it and compose it and record it all in one,” she sings. “Insulting my intelligence is so negligent to the boss that I’ve become.”

“I’ve always made a very specific effort throughout my journey to highlight the fact that I produce all of my own music,” B~Free says in a statement. “As long as I’ve been doing this, it’s hard to rely on the strength of your work when some people automatically assume it must come from someone else. With the track, it’s a way of ‘shaking the table’ to remind everyone why I’m deserving of respect, and putting on for other women and femmes who find themselves in similar struggles.”

Prior to “My Own Shit” (or “My Own Ish,” per the radio edit), B~Free released a video for “This Could Be Us” and collaborated with L.A.-based musician and singer Durand Bernarr on the cosmic “Hate 2 Luv.” A third solo album—a follow-up to 2016’s Ode 2 A Luv Affair—is in the works.

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