Though most with even a faint background of professional football are well aware of his work with the Green Bay Packers, starting safety and name joke inspiration Ha Ha Clinton-Dix recently sought to expand his web presence beyond highlight reels with the recent launch of his “Official Website.” is the new go-to resource for news, photos, events, and various other things related to the Packers and University Of Alabama secondary standout. It’s also a flashback to what websites were like in the early 1990s.

Yeah, such criticism being written by a dude who learned how to embed a YouTube video just over two years ago and said criticism appearing on a site adapted from a purchased WordPress theme is sort of a “pot calling the kettle black”-type of situation, but man. If you weren’t among the 280 people who visited during its first few days of existence (yes, there’s a counter!), you need to see it. There’s a pixelated (and stolen) main image on the front page, willy nilly font usage throughout, a grass background, horizontal and vertical parallax leading to blank space, and a faulty video file in the “Social Ha Ha” section. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. It’s like Angelfire and the guy from the “Under Construction” sign had a baby and asked Jeeves to raise it for them in the Yahoo! GeoCities. It has the distinct look of a fansite, except Clinton-Dix endorses it.


It’s safe to assume Ha Ha—who is entering year-three of a four-year deal worth more than $12.5M (including signing bonus)—can afford something more sleek and modern, but it’s likely he just let a friend or family member make it for him and threw a few bucks their way. After all, this is the same guy who bought his mother a new house moments after he signed his rookie contract. Speculation on its background aside, is a wonderful use of bandwidth. After all, most athletes—Ha Ha Clinton-Dix included—don’t require a personal website. Even Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have one. Between the heartwarming photos of Ha Ha with his family, shots of him playing in high school, information about his charity events, and the charmingly-dated presentation of it all, we’re honestly happy exists. We’ll keep that visitor counter ticking upward throughout the season, and you should too.

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