If there’s one thing Milwaukee doesn’t need, it’s probably another pizza place. However, if there’s one thing Milwaukee will never get tired of eating, it’s probably pizza. In a matter of months, the city’s East Side—already the longtime home of Zaffiro’s, Lisa’s, Pizza Shuttle, Zayna’s, and a number of national pizza purveyors—will get another pizza joint when Wisconsin Pizza Authority opens on the corner of Humboldt Avenue and Kane Place.

On September 14, a Commercial Alteration Permit was issued to New Berlin-based applicant named Steve Beres, allowing the owner to remodel the kitchen area of 1888 N. Humboldt Ave. The first floor space was the former home of Maglio Pizza, before a short stint as Greek Village Gyros. The space—which we included on a listing of “cursed” business locations last year—was most recently a Middle Eastern restaurant called Baba Ghanouj until it closed in April.

Wisconsin Pizza Authority is currently undergoing renovations. We were unable to find a website or Facebook page for the business, but we’ll keep you updated on the incoming restaurant’s progress as it develops and more news becomes available. For now, get ready for another pizza place, East Siders. Hopefully Wisconsin Pizza Authority’s pizzas, salads, and sandwiches can break the curse of 1888 N. Humboldt.

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