With there being only so many Grammy Awards to go around, the platinum-selling record quickly becoming a relic of the past, and the WAMI board preoccupied honoring Judas Priest instead of talents from this century, there aren’t many accolades these days that sit between the practice space and sold out arenas that let a band know their work is truly appreciated and that they’re on the right track. Yet lately, no doubt a surefire byproduct of the growing popularity of craft brewing, some acts are getting a unique outpouring of respect as the namesakes for beer. Next month, Milwaukee/Oshkosh folk trio Dead Horses will join the likes of Iron Maiden, Doomtree, and pre-litigation Snoop Dogg when Marshfield, Wisconsin-based Blue Heron Brewpub will tap its Dead Horses Cascadian Dark Ale.

On September 12, in accordance with the band’s headlining performance at Blue Heron’s Oktoberfest/10th anniversary celebration, Dead Horses’ honorary ale will be available. According to the brewpub, “Dead Horses Cascadian Dark Ale rides in with distinct Northwest-style hoppiness fused with malty, ebony highlights of coffee, chocolate, and molasses. The ample array of hops include Summit, Citra, Falconer’s Flight, and Simcoe. ABV 6.7%; IBU 64.”

Damn! In addition to being served on-site, take home bottles of the beer will become available when the band begins to set up and will be served until the limited batch runs out. The band hopes it can bring some back so they can have tastings in their home markets of Oshkosh and Milwaukee, but if Dead Horses the beer tastes anywhere as good as Dead Horses the band sounds, it’s going to run out fast. That is, unless the name dissuades some drinkers.

“At this time, we are not sure of the breadth of distribution,” bass player Daniel Wolff says. “Where do you shelve a consumer product with ‘Dead Horses’ in the title?”

Prior to Blue Heron’s September 12 Dead Horses Cascadian Dark Ale tapping event, you can see Dead Horses play September 1 at Bay View’s Chill On The Hill season finale in support of Stephanie Erin Brill and The Living Statues. 

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