Summer is here! Yes, today officially marks the first day of the best season in the best city for festival fun. Milwaukee earns its “City of Festivals” nickname every summer with dozens upon dozens of block parties, outdoor celebrations, weekly concert series, and a myriad of other events ending with “fest.” All the while, traditional venues are still hosting great concerts and comedy shows with regularity. It’s tough to keep a handle on everything happening between mid-June and the end of September, but dammit if we won’t try.

In the waning hours of spring, host Tyler Maas invited WMSE radio personality Sid McCain (aka Squid Inc.) to the sweltering Milwaukee Record office to discuss how Milwaukee summers differ from those in the various other North American places she’s called home, what festivals are their personal favorites, events they’re especially excited for, things their media companies are doing, and Warped Tour. Yes, a ton of things were missed, but this is a pretty good start!

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