File this one under “G’s up, breaches of contract down”: The Associated Press is reporting that legendary rapper Snoop Dogg is suing legendary beer manufacturer Pabst Brewing Co. In a lawsuit filed Monday in Los Angeles Superior Court, the D-O-double-G claims Pabst failed to make good on a contract entitling him to a cut of the company’s 2014 profits. It seems that in 2011, Snoop signed a three-year endorsement deal for Blast, a Colt 45 malt beer owned by Pabst. Part of that deal, according to Snoop’s lawsuit, stipulated that the rapper would receive 10 percent of the net sales paid to Pabst for Blast if the company sold its Colt 45 operations before January 2016. When a group of investors bought the Pabst brand for $700 million late last year—apparently unmoved by a local push to “Bring PBR Home”—Snoop assumed he would get a check for his 10 percent. Alas, it didn’t show up, leaving him waiting at his mailbox until six in the morning (six in the morning).

The lawsuit states Pabst told Snoop that, at ease, the sale of the company didn’t trigger his Blast clause. Pabst has yet to respond to the lawsuit, but if and when it does, expect it to dispute whatever funky ass shit Snoop comes up with like every single day.