Milwaukee is home to numerous nationally recognized, world-class restaurants: Ardent, Sanford, Odd Duck, and many more. But there’s another category of “great Milwaukee food” that deserves love, too. Yes, for every Goodkind and Fauntleroy there’s a Cousins Subs, a Kopp’s Frozen Custard, and a Rocky Rococo. It’s the kind of area cuisine that Milwaukee Record was born to review.

And we’re not alone: Enter popular Canadian YouTuber Ken Domik, who was recently in town to try some of Milwaukee’s—and Wisconsin’s—best local chains and gas station food. Here he is giving glowing reviews to Cousins (“Go Out And Get It Now!”) and Kopp’s (“Go Out And Get It Now+!”):

But Domik wasn’t satisfied with just subs and frozen custard. Here he is eating an eggs Benedict at Blue’s Egg, wolfing down cheese curds at Lakefront Brewery, and, well, hanging out at the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum:

And there’s more! Domik dropped by The Vanguard and successfully pronounced “Kinnickinnic”:

And ate a bunch of Wisconsin gas station food and somehow failed to pronounce “West Allis”:

All of the above videos are part of Domik’s KBDProductions page, and he has even more Milwaukee videos on his personal YouTube page. Thanks for visiting, Ken! We’d say we hope you enjoyed your visit, but you very clearly did.