The Vanguard isn’t afraid to shake things up. On top of regularly adjusting its menu (which they just did this past Tuesday) in new and exciting ways, the owners of the Bay View bar and sausage emporium have shown no hesitation to occasionally break format during their first five years in business. The most notable way they change things up every year is its annual Halloween transformation into an entirely different business with an entirely different focus.

For one night in late October of 2015, the business changed its name to Golden Dragon and specialized in Chinese cuisine. The following year, Vanguard served up seafood as a single-night venture called “Hook Line & Sinker.” In 2017, the business took the holiday theme to weirder, more obscure, and infinitely more awesome territory when it spent Halloween as a Seinfeld tribute restaurant known simply as “A Restaurant About Nothing.” Finally, last year, they spent Halloween night as an ’80s era comedy club and cocktail lounge known as “The Punchline” (which included a drop-in set by actor/comedian Jon Daly).

So is The Vanguard doing something weird and fun this Halloween? Yer darn tootin’ they are! Today, the restaurant announced it was spend Thursday, October 31 dressed up as “The Cheatin’ Heart Honky Tonk Saloon.” Starting that evening, The Vanguard will open up and adhere to a country-fried concept, which will include a new menu to fit the night’s theme. We’ll give you more information as the night approaches, but in the meantime, get out those boots and make The Vanguard’s Cheatin’ Heart pop-up part of your holiday plans. Yeehaw-loween!