Last night, The Vanguard spent Halloween dressed up as an ’80s-era comedy club and burger joint called “The Punchline.” People packed the Bay View bar and enjoyed a variety of comedian-themed burgers like the Bill Burr-ger, Span Kinison, Bacon Cheddy Murphy, and a Carrot Top veggie burger, as well as hilariously-potent punches named after comedy legends.

Meanwhile, a stacked cast of local comedians, including host Greg Bach, Tyler Menz, Carter Deems, Brittany Tilander, and Dave Louis (as his amazing Andrew Dice Clay-like persona, Richie Braxton) performed. The surprise headliner was Jon Daly. The actor/comedian—who you likely know from his roles on Kroll Show and Big Mouth, or from the time he tricked the world into thinking Red Hot Chili Peppers released a song called “Abracadarbafornia”—punctuated The Punchline’s short-but-sweet existence with an unforgettable set that blended stand-up, music, and some crowdwork (which was directed towards one person in attendance).

If you missed The Vanguard’s night as The Punchline, you missed out. Fortunately, we were there to take some pictures.

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