Have you run out of things to watch? Are you looking for something lighthearted and fun to help take your mind on the modern world? Could you go for something weed-related and with a slight local affiliation? If you answered yes to any of those questions, we might have just the program for you.

Earlier this week, an upstart (and seemingly pot-focused) network called Social Club TV debuted a series called Munchie Run. As the show’s title suggests, Munchie Run features a baked comedian taking a toked up pilgrimage to a fast food restaurant. For the sake of both safety and entertainment, each episode’s guest is brought to their chosen drive-thru and interviewed by designated driver/host Brad Gage, who asks them questions about fast food, weed, and anything else that might come up along the way.

Gage, an actor and comedian based in Los Angeles, originally hails from the Milwaukee suburb of Franklin. The Wisconsin ex-pat was named one of Just For Laughs comedy festival’s “New Faces” last year. While the eight-episode web series isn’t exactly high art (except for the fact guests are high in each episode), it’s a fun concept and a reminder of a more carefree time when friends could, you know, be in a car together and stuff. You can watch Munchie Run here, or you can stream it on AppleTV, iOS, Android, and Roku.

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