On Monday, folks in the Milwaukee subreddit noticed that Kopp’s Frozen Custard was planning to honor something called “National Pro-Life Cupcake Day” on October 9 with a “Hey Cupcake” custard flavor:

According to the website National Day Calendar, “National Pro-Life Cupcake Day” encourages “open dialogue and an exchange of cupcakes.” The website continues:

On this day, cupcakes are baked to honor the lives of those not yet born. The day also raises awareness about the issue of abortion. Cupcakes are a sweet way to get a conversation started on a difficult subject.

Organizers encourage baking cupcakes and giving them to friends, family and even strangers. While not everyone will agree, conversations may be started. Some may prefer not to participate at all, while others still will join in the conversation, even though they disagree.

Later on Monday, after news spread and folks expressed their disappointment, Kopp’s removed the “National Pro-Life Cupcake Day” tie-in flavor from its Flavor Forecast flyer…

…and replaced it with Malted Peanut Butter Pleasure instead:

Kopp’s responded to the controversy Monday afternoon, saying:

To our loyal customers,

Here at Kopp’s Frozen Custard, we have prided ourselves in being a community staple for over the last 72 years. Our daily goal is to be a place where all customers can come to enjoy a treat or a burger and forget about the world for even just a moment. We understand that with our October 2022 flavor forecast brochure, we have severely missed that goal.

Linking “National Pro-Life Cupcake Day” with our longrunning flavor “Hey Cupcake, was an oversight on our part and an honest mistake. It was never our intention to get political and appear as though we have taken a side in this ongoing debate. We have removed this flavor from our flavor forecast for that day, and have revised our list and website as well. Going forward, we strive to be more diligent in reviewing our flavor lists and any flavors we may link to a national holiday.

We are sincerely sorry to all of our customers, loyal and new, whom we offended with our attempt to link a National Day with our Flavor of the Day offerings. We have always tried our best to keep politics and our staff’s personal views out of the business and just focus on serving great food. It is still our number one priority as a business to welcome everyone who walks through our doors.

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