UPDATE: Despite the information presented at Tuesday’s meeting, business owner Edward DeShazer tells us the name and concept of the bar at 1110 N. Old World Third St. will be different. “That was our original concept that we have since went away from,” he says.

On December 21, 2017, one of the city’s first dedicated arcade bars, 1983 Arcade Bar, opened at 1110 N. Old World Third St. Less than two years later, it closed. Now, a new bar has been announced for the former 8-bit space: The Public Pool.

Tuesday afternoon, at the tail-end of a marathon Licenses Committee meeting, Public Pool agent Nathan Tusler described the new business as a “high-end cocktail lounge serving beer and wine, catering to the patrons of the Fiserv Forum.” No further information was given.

So why is the new place called “The Public Pool”? A brief exchange between Tusler and Licenses Committee chair Nik Kovac shed some light on the subject. Or not:

Kovac: “Is it an actual pool, or is that an expression?”

Tusler: “An expression.”

Kovac: “Does that theme mean anything?”

Tusler: “Yeah, it’s supposed to tie into the theme of the cocktails.”

Kovac: “Like the theme being ‘pool party cocktails?'”

Tusler: “Uh, yeah. Of that nature.”

Kovac: “Okay.”

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