Nite Owl is a spring and summertime staple that’s thrived on Milwaukee’s South Side since 1948. The iconic drive-in has been an important and widely-loved part of the city’s warm weather months for generations. Back in late March, the inimitable burger joint and ice cream parlor opened for yet another season. And though both spring and summer are long gone, Nite Owl is still cooking well into autumn.

However, with snow already making its presence known and another winter on the horizon, the Milwaukee mainstay has once again decided to say goodbye…at least until next spring. Knowing the end of Nite Owl’s 2023 season was nigh, we stopped by to get one last cheeseburger with the works before they called it quits for the year. As you can probably see, it ruled.

Before ordering our burger today (reminder: they’re cash only!), we asked an employee how much longer they were going to be open this year. We were told they planned to end their season “sometime this week,” and that the final day would be Saturday, November 4…unless they ran out of food before that. So even though that’s not incredibly specific, consider yourself warned: Nite Owl’s last day will be at some point this week.

This is not a drill! Adjust your schedule and meal planning accordingly, Milwaukee. And if you don’t feel like bringing your food home, we have just the spot where you can enjoy it in style.

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