It’s been a few years since the demise of Summerfest’s “local stage.” Though the Big Gig is pretty good about including Milwaukee acts in its annual lineups, the last truly “local” stage, the KNE New Music Stage, came to an end in 2015. But now, in an just-announced 10-year sponsorship deal with Klement’s Sausage Company, it appears Summerfest will once again kinda-sorta have a local stage.

Along with Klement’s being named the “Official Sausage of Summerfest,” a new Klement’s Sausage & Beer Garden will be constructed on the north end of Henry Maier Festival Park. The “backyard”-themed picnic-style area will feature “acoustic music from 2-8 p.m. daily, spotlighting local artists.” Neat! The stage will be ready for Summerfest 2018.

So, to sum up: Klement’s is out as the sponsor of the Milwaukee Brewers’ Famous Racing Sausages, but in as the sponsor of a new local stage at Summerfest. Again: neat! Here’s the whole press release:

MILWAUKEE, WI (March 20, 2018) – Milwaukee World Festival, Inc. officials are excited to announce a new ten year sponsorship agreement with Klement’s Sausage Company. The sponsorship includes the building of a new stage area, “The Klement’s Sausage & Beer Garden,” as well as Klement’s being named the Official Sausage of Summerfest.

The Klement’s Sausage & Beer Garden will be located on the North End of Henry Maier Festival Park and will feature acoustic music from 2-8 p.m. daily, spotlighting local artists. Modelled as a “backyard” picnic-style area, there will be a seated lounge area, picnic tables, and barbeque grills, as well as locations to purchase Klement’s products.

“A Klement’s / Summerfest partnership is music to our ears. Nothing sounds like summer in our hometown more than The World’s Largest Music Festival and nothing tastes like summer more than Milwaukee’s hometown sausage company,” said Tom Danneker, President & CEO of Klement’s Sausage Company. “We are excited to join together to offer our products at the festival and make a hometown tradition even better by building the new Klement’s Sausage & Beer Garden. We look forward to this long term partnership as we continue to invest in Milwaukee to help our hometown and company grow.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Klement’s Sausage Company to our sponsorship family with a ten year commitment,” said Don Smiley, President and CEO of Milwaukee World Festival, Inc. “Sponsorships such as this one allows us to continue to add amenities to Summerfest and Henry Maier Festival Park and keep it accessible and affordable for all of our fans,” he added.

Construction will begin immediately on the new Klement’s Sausage & Beer Garden, which will make its debut during Summerfest 2018.

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