We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: every Friday is a Friday fish fry day in Wisconsin, but there’s only one Friday when Wisconsin, the country, and the entire world celebrate the official Friday Fish Fry Day. And that Friday, at least for this year’s fourth annual fish fry festivities, is February 16!

Created in 2021 by local fish fry expert Caleb Westphal, this homegrown holiday “aims to bring family and friends together to celebrate the Friday night fish fry tradition.” So get out there and enjoy some fish! Like you weren’t going to already.

And there’s more! For the third year in a row, Friday Fish Fry Day is partnering with Feeding America Eastern Wisconsin. Folks are encouraged to donate $10 to the local hunger-relief organization, in the spirit of “buying dinner” for a neighbor in need. After that, folks can vote for their favorite Wisconsin fish fry establishment (by answering the “Who is your favorite Wisconsin fish fry?” question on the donation page). The campaign runs throughout lent.

Oh, and if the community/philanthropy element isn’t enough for you, this year’s Friday Fish Fry Day is officially recognized as a state holiday thanks to the State of Wisconsin Proclamation signed by Governor Tony Evers. NICE!

So get out there this Friday to eat some fish fry with friends and loved ones, help those in need, and celebrate a statewide tradition that’s spanned generations. Looking for a place to get some fish tomorrow night? Look no further than Caleb’s list of the “best fish frys in Milwaukee (and beyond).”