Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, a Christian holy day that marks the first day of Lent. What’s Lent? It’s the six-ish weeks of prayer and fasting that lead up to Easter. Yes, for those who celebrate, you’re totally not supposed to eat meat on Fridays for the next month or so. Thus, the beloved tradition of FRIDAY FISH FRYS! And PARISH FRIDAY FISH FRYS!

We cover a LOT of fish frys here at Milwaukee Record, thanks to the immeasurable talents and unflappable stomach of Caleb Westphal. Find all of Caleb’s stuff HERE. But in case you’re specifically looking for Milwaukee-area Catholic parish frys happening this Lent…


The handy and wonderfully detailed list/database is courtesy of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. It contains info on Friday fish frys at St. Augustine of Hippo in Milwaukee, St. Stephen Parish in Oak Creek, St. Mary Church in Waukesha, and many, many more. Check it out!

Oh, and enjoy the “church basement fish fry” smell of the photo below! (Both it and the main photo were taken at St. Augustine of Hippo in 2019.)

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322 Friday fish frys and counting: St. Florian Parish (Milwaukee)

275 Friday fish frys and counting: Saint Sebastian Parish

264 Friday fish frys and counting: St. Augustine of Hippo

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