Last weekend, Burnhearts curated a winning wintry mix of live music, rare and delicious craft beer, tasty food and barrel-aged cocktails, locally-made wares, and charity that all came together outdoors to form “Mitten Fest.” The seventh annual affair was the best-attended and most beneficial installment yet. We have the pictures to prove it. So how does the Bay View bar follow up the unabashed success of what’s quickly become Milwaukee’s favorite outdoor festival?

On Thursday, March 7, Burnhearts and Solemn Oath Brewery will join forces for an eclectic night of entertainment they’re calling “A Folk House Kegger.” Starting at 6 p.m., the bar will host a varied cast of musicians, poets, storytellers, comedians, and even a human statue. No doubt inspired by the atmosphere of The Gaslight Cafe in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Burnhearts owner William Seidel set out to bring a wide range of art forms to the event.

“The idea comes from that post vaudeville, underground coffee house, open mic theater scene that spawned so many of the great folk singers, actors, writers and thinkers that were instrumental in brewing the cultural revolution of the ’60s,” Seidel says. “While that idea is probably just a romanticized version of how things truly were, I just liked the concept and it fits our space that isn’t a traditional rock club.”

A Folk House Kegger will feature musical performances from Jeff Falk, King Courteen, and Amanda Huff. There will be a storytellers Leah Delaney and Steph Kilen, and poetry by Kavon Cortez-Jones. Dana Ehrmann and Carter Deems will do stand-up, and human statue Alice Wilson will treat the bar to a live performance as well.

The event will also function as a tap takeover for Solemn Oath. The full beer list hasn’t been confirmed yet, but Seidel says people can expect lots of rarities and taproom-only specialties from the Illinois-based brewery as well an abundance of Solemn Oath’s excellent Lü Kölsch. It’s going to be weird and it’s sure to be fun. We’ll see you there.