Back in August, we checked in with King Courteen (the musical alias of singer-songwriter and woodworker Michael Gerlach) as he wandered around Milwaukee City Hall in his “Simeon The Petrus” music video. A few months after releasing that striking visual project, Gerlach and director Damien Blue are back with an even more impressive music video for another King Courteen single.

We’re more than 10 months into the year, but it’s safe to say “Bucker Boy” could be the best Milwaukee-made music video of 2018. Though both Gerlach and Blue are local, they went all the way to a southeastern Utah ghost town to capture the astonishing visuals they paired to the haunting and minimalist acoustic composition. The video’s concept is remarkably simple, but the setting and the cinematography do the majority of the heavy lifting that helps set this project apart from other locally-shot efforts.

Take a trip to the desert, chop down a tree, ford a river, and marvel at just how far Milwaukee production has come with King Courteen’s “Bucker Boy” music video.

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