Back in 2016, we told you about King Courteen, the musical alias of Milwaukee musician and woodworker Michael Gerlach. On top of the beautiful things he builds with his voice, a guitar, and tool, Gerlach also has a keen eye for architectural aesthetic. That appreciation for fine craftsmanship recently brought the singer-songwriter to Milwaukee City Hall of all places, so he could hear some of his new work reverberating off the historic building’s century-old walls.

In June, Gerlach and director Damien Blue took to City Hall with a guitar, a camera, and a song. Standing in the otherwise-empty lobby and atrium of the renowned building, King Courteen‘s “Simeon The Petrus” video finds Gerlach’s voice twisting and turning around the space. They selected the civic site on account of its mosaic tile floor and 300-foot-high ceiling that Gerlach says would be an “incredible environment,” both visually and acoustically.

“Milwaukee’s City Hall is such an impressive building inside and out,” Gerlach says. “Loads of people pass by that building every day and I’m sure many have no idea how beautiful it is. I’ve always had a passion for Milwaukee’s historical and architectural past, so I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to not only sing in the space, but also to make a video.”

Watch the video for “Simeon The Petrus” to a glimpse inside City Hall and hear King Courteen’s new single.

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