Some songs drill down and focus on one idea—love, sex, the power of partying, whatever—while other songs contain multitudes. “Peaches,” the debut single from Milwaukee psych/dream-pop duo Beauty Steps, is the second kind of song. Its sound is groovy and trippy, its vocals are sweet and smooth, and its lyrical themes cover life, death, and everything in between. “Peaches in a palace, peaches in a casket, it’s all the same,” croons singer D’Amato near the end of the song.

Yes, Beauty Steps marks a welcome return for D’Amato—he of his famously overstuffed live band and a slew of impossibly catchy R&B/hip-hop/soul hybrids. He’s joined here by Robert Weiss; together, they cook up a positively sublime song that bodes well for Beauty Steps’ upcoming full-length, Show Me Where, due this May.

And then there’s the video! Featuring a cascade of public-domain fever-dream footage assembled by Allie Holloway, the nearly five-minute clip contains multitudes, too: beauty, nature, technology, violence, the mysteries of the mind, and the occasional dancing wood nymphs. Watching it is like stepping inside that Expanding Brain meme.

In addition to D’Amato and Weiss, the nine-track Show Me Where features contributions from a host of Milwaukee music heavy hitters: Caley Conway, Treccy Marquardt-Thomas, Liam O’Brien, Josh Evert, Bryan Rogers, Nick Lang, and Anthony Deutsch. Not too shabby! Buckle up for a serious dopamine rush this May.

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