Every Wednesday at noon, Ryan Schleicher, Evan Rytlewski, and Matt Wild take to the WMSE airwaves to discuss all things Milwaukee. This half-hour fun-fest is called The Disclaimer, so named because none of the oft-ridiculous views expressed on the show necessarily reflect the views of the hosts’ employers. Milwaukee music, Milwaukee art, Milwaukee events, and D.I.Y. lawn care tips are frequently discussed—and rarely agreed upon. The Disclaimer: talk radio for the sane.

In case you blinked, Milwaukee built a lot—or planned to build a lot—of shit in 2016. From big-ticket developments like the new Bucks arena and the Northwestern Mutual Tower, to smaller (but no-less important) projects like all those endless rows of luxury apartments, Milwaukee went all-in on the renaissance/reinvention/reimagining angle. There was so much new shit being built this year that it was hard to keep track of it all. Luckily, Urban Milwaukee‘s Jeramey Jannene has been on the case. Ryan, Evan, and Matt welcome Jannene back to the show to discuss the year in Milwaukee development. Along the way, they ponder the sexy transformative power of the streetcar, detail some projects that aim to bring Milwaukee neighborhoods together, talk about some popular and and not-so-popular projects, and find out why a lot of new apartment buildings look the same. Oh, and what’s the deal with roundabouts?

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