For the past nine summers, Milwaukee Bike-In Movie Series has set up a projector at the swing park beneath the Holton Street Bridge and offered free outdoor screenings the third Friday of every summer month. Recently, the volunteer-run film series released the schedule for this summer’s screening. However, the fate of Milwaukee Bike-In Movie Series is uncertain, both in 2017 and for years to come.

“A couple years ago, [Bike-In Movie Series] was threatened with legal action from the movie companies that own the rights to these films,” co-organizer Tony Giron says. “Because of this, much of the enthusiasm and support from volunteers has waned.”

Thanks to funding from a program called Connect 53212 and minimal sponsorship dollars, the series was able to continue last year. However, the unique and entirely independent endeavor needs to raise an estimated $500 for each of the five screenings planned for this summer. Licensing for each film will cost around $400, with the remaining $100 set aside to cover each screening’s portable restroom accommodations.

Giron—in partnership with Coast In Bikes owner Carolyn Weber and Vulture Space owner Evan Pack—has set up a GoFundMe campaign. If $500 is raised by next week, Giron says the 2017 Bike-In Movie Series debut, Space Jam, will be screened as planned on Friday, June 16.

Here’s the tentative 2017 film schedule. It’s up to you to decide if these movies make it to the big screen beneath the bridge, Milwaukee.

June 16 — Space Jam
July 21 — The Princess Bride
August 18 Back To The Future 2
September 15 The Muppets Movie
October 20 — E.T.

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