Hey! There was another election on Tuesday! The 2021 Spring Primary! Fun!

Only one statewide race was on the ballot: the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Jill Underly and Deborah Kerr were the top two vote-getters in that race. They’ll move on to the 2021 General Election on April 6.

The nonpartisan school superintendent position was held by Tony Evers before he was elected governor two years ago; it’s currently held by Evers appointee Carolyn Stanford Taylor, who is not seeking a full four-year term.

Oh, and as far as the “nonpartisan” thing goes, Underly is endorsed by the Wisconsin Education Association Council (WEAC), the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association (MTEA), and other groups. She does not support private school vouchers. Kerr is endorsed by a host of educators and Scott Walker. She supports private school vouchers.

Elsewhere, three primary winners in district-specific races were congratulated by the Milwaukee Democratic Socialists of America. Dana Kelley and Alex Brower will move on in races for two separate Milwaukee School Board seats, in District 4 and 5, respectively. (Two more school board races featured only one candidate: Marcela Garcia in District 6, and Harry Leonard in District 7.) Darrin Madison Jr., meanwhile, will move on in the race for County Supervisor in District 10. All three released statements via the Milwaukee DSA Tuesday night:

“I want to thank all of my Comrades of the DSA for showing me what Solidarity really means! We became a three strand cord!” said Dana Kelley. “The members of the DSA gave our campaign wings, from grassroots fundraising efforts through support and encouragement and the many, many volunteers that collected signatures, knocked doors, made phone calls, sent texts, shared posts, pushed me beyond my limits and supported us all the way!”

“DSA is a machine of justice that has been fighting boldly for real change in Milwaukee and I’m glad to have their support. I knew when a bold group of leaders decided to knock doors in sub-zero weather that this was a crew of folks I can lean on as allies for justice. Milwaukee DSA is resilient, bold, and courageous and I’m glad to call them my comrades in solidarity,” said Darrin Madison, Jr.

“Milwaukee DSA has been the backbone of my Socialist campaign,” said Alex Brower. “Our members have been showing up, knocking doors, and making phone calls to bring socialism back to Milwaukee’s school board so we can bring the transformation our students deserve.”

With 100% of wards reporting, here are the winners, via the unofficial results from the City of Milwaukee Election Commission:

State Superintendent of Public Instruction

Jill Underly
Deborah Kerr

Milwaukee Board of School Directors District 4

Aisha Carr – 880 votes (44.69%)
Dana Kelley – 607 votes (30.83%)

Milwaukee Board of School Directors District 5

Alex Brower – 2,031 votes (36.97%)
Jilly Gokalgandhi – 1,862 votes (33.90%)

County Supervisor District 10

Priscilla E. Coggs-Jones – 725 votes (42.32%)
Darrin B. Madison, Jr. – 475 votes (27.73%)

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Here’s your handy 2021 Spring Primary voting guide for Wisconsin school superintendent

Here’s your handy 2021 Spring Primary voting guide for the contested Milwaukee School Board races

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