When he isn’t granting epic-length interviews from his Mississippi ranch or discussing his playoffs predictions from a Mississippi deer stand, legendary Packers quarterback Brett Favre is busy doing whatever he damn well pleases. In the past, that included laying low, coaching high school football, shilling for Wrangler jeans, and, er, other stuff. But if a new website is to be believed, Favre’s new distraction while he decides what decade he’ll finally retire his jersey at Lambeau is opening a gourmet meat-and-cheese charcuterie enterprise called—what else?—Favre & Carve. The ol’ gunslinger breaking into the culinary scene after being inspired by “generations of old-world, French-Cajun culinary tradition and decades of impassioned cheese culture on the frozen tundra of Green Bay”? Sounds like Favre to us.

Except not. Although the F&C website looks legit and features plenty of sly laughs (the “Pronounce your meats like a Mississippi football pro” page is good for a giggle), it’s all a stunt for web development company Wix.com, and its upcoming ad at this year’s Super Bowl. How can we tell? Well, it says so right on Wix.com’s website, there’s a teaser for the ad on YouTube, it’s impossible to order any of the products (smoked pig tails!), and someone clearly dropped the ball by not naming the fictional purveyor of “Grade A meat and the finest Wisconsin cheeses […] hand-crafted with the same hands that won 3 MVP Awards” “Favre & Cavre.” It’s all in the details, guys.

As of press time, Favre’s “sports and social media” thing, Sqor, is a real thing, unfortunately. [h/t Dan Shafer]

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