Memorial Day marks the unofficial beginning of summer, and gives a tired and thankful country a day to unwind, eat some brats, and probably play some bags. We at Milwaukee Record will be doing just that, but before we do, we put together a playlist of 15 summer-y songs, all from Milwaukee artists, to soundtrack your day. Enjoy, take it easy, and we’ll see you on Tuesday.

1. Sat. Nite Duets, “The Last Summer”

2. L&R, “H.I.G.H.”

3. Sugar Stems, “Make Up Your Mind”

4. Canopies, “Miss You Now”

5. Klassik, “Light”

6. Space Raft, “We Are Not Alone”

7. Crappy Dracula, “Myth Man”

8. Midnight Reruns, “Summer Smoker”

9. Rusty Ps, “Frequency”

10. Trapper Schoepp & The Shades, “Run, Engine, Run”

11. WebsterX, “Drift Off”

12. GGOOLLDD, “Gold”

13. Soul Low, “Sitting By The Fire”

14. Like Like The The The Death, “Here Comes Irregular”

15. Jaill, “Waste A Lot Of Things”