Sculpture Milwaukee is the best. The nonprofit organization has been filling Downtown Milwaukee (and nearby neighborhoods) with outdoor (and sometimes indoor) art pieces from artists both world-renowned and locally celebrated since 2017. Have we arbitrarily ranked the sculptures most every year? Yep!

Looking for some new public art in your life? You’re in luck. The 2023-24 season of Sculpture Milwaukee (the series’ seventh) will hit the scene on June 30, and will be on view through October 2024. Entitled Actual Fractals, Act I, it will be curated by Milwaukee artist and Green Gallery owner John Riepenhoff.

“There are many Milwaukees within this single city,” Riepenhoff says in a press release. “While our parts can appear, and be, disjointed, there are also patterns that play out in our experiences across communities, generations, and public and private spaces, connecting us intricately.”

The exhibiting artists for Actual Fractals, Act I will be Katy Cowan, Lars Fisk, Pau Houa Her, Nicole Miller, Mary Miss, Isamu Noguchi, and Erika Verzutti.

Oh, and Sculpture Milwaukee’s 2022-23 season, Nature Doesn’t Know About Us, is still on display through October. Continue to enjoy those “sky stairs,” Summerfest crowds!

Photo: Sculpture Milwaukee

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