Pilot episodes have a tendency to suck. If suffering through last week’s Mulaney premiere wasn’t evidence enough on its own, there’s likely a Library Of Congress-sized collection of tapes, DVDs, and digital files floating around that displays a lifetime worth of poor casting, stilted dialogue, and lawyer-themed programming even worse than the shit that makes it to air. Fortunately, none of that applies to the first episode of DIY talk show, The Jake Kornely Show, which is good…since all three installments were shot at The Underground Collaborative on the same July afternoon.

The second episode of the no-budget YouTube show features the eponymous host/Milwaukee comic and local comedian Allison Dunne each performing solo stand-up sets, then talking shop before a live audience. It’s a great introduction to two of the most driven comics in Milwaukee stand-up right now. If you like what you see, you can watch Kornely perform a longer set in full color at Landmark Lanes Saturday, October 18 along with Damon Millard, William Krolowitz, Liz Ziner, and Josh Ballew.

The third episode of The Jake Kornely Show will feature hilarious Madison (by way of Milwaukee) comic Ryan Mason. No release date is set.

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