Since 2015, the husband and wife team of Kyle Denton (of Milwaukee-Madison band The Midwest Beat) and Serena Marinelli has been selling teas, tinctures, salves, infused vinegar, syrups, and oils made from locally foraged and organically farmed plants. That herbalist endeavor, Tippecanoe Herbs, has quickly become a fixture at area farmers markets, festivals, maker fairs, local consignment retailers, and online. Starting next month, the upstart apothecary will move into a brick and mortar space of its own.

The shop will be located at 321 W. National Ave. in Walker’s Point, in a site formerly occupied by Hometown Established. Denton says the move to a permanent location is being made to allow the business to supply customers with their herbal remedies all year long.

“One of the main reasons we decided to move into a shop because we’ve been doing farmers markets all over the area for a few years, and just developed a strong relationship with so many people that missed us when the warm season was over and cold and flu season came,” Denton tells Milwaukee Record. “Also, inside a brick and mortar, there’s less wind knocking over our stuff.”

In addition to being a retail shop, Tippecanoe Herbs will have a clinic where they will “create custom formulas and tailor advice for clients from our holistic perspective,” and they plan to offer courses for those interested in learning more about herbs or Ayurvedic medicine.

Tippecanoe Herbs plans to open in Walker’s Point in early- to mid-October, and will have a grand opening party soon after.

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