Milwaukee Record is working in partnership with Urban Cat Coalition—a local organization that’s dedicated to creating a no kill community by humanely reducing the cat population in the Milwaukee area through targeted trap-neuter-return (TNR)—to help find loving homes for area cats. Each week, we plan to highlight a feline friend that’s currently up for adoption by naming it “Milwaukee Record’s Cat Of The Week.” This week: a friendly fella named Felix.

Meet Felix! Felix is a cuddly black and white kiddo with a dollop of black right on his nose. We would venture to guess he was NOT sitting still when the kitty painters were doing their thing.

Felix is a magnet, or maybe he’s Velcro. But one thing is for sure, where you are is where he will be. Cooking dinner? He’s underfoot on the kitchen rug. Doing a puzzle? He’s watching (through closed eyes) in a heap beside you. Eating dinner? He’s literally stealing your chair before you sit down. He’ll even follow you to the bathroom like a toddler. And when it’s time for bed, just yell “Felix! Lets go to bed!” and he LEAPS into bed, dropping right into position as you fill up your water and plug in your phone. He’s READY for the snugs.

At night he likes to lay his head on your arm or chest and purr up a storm and snooze with you. He’s really the cuddliest kitty out there! His purr is loud and powerful.

Felix is good with other cats as long as they’re on his level. He sometimes “comes on a little strong” for some (like the old cat in his foster home), but he can coexist and he likes to play and wrestle. He’s got that “little brother energy.” He’d also be great as a solo kitty who would give you 100% of his love.

This kid has a few hangups—don’t we all—and can get a little protective of a spot on his back end that we think is sensitive. He’s also not a fan of nail clips, but with some bribes, tricks and four hands, you can get it done. Those little moments of sass do not take away from his best quality, and that is being an absolute snuggle PRO, a true companion, a constant sidekick, and a purr machine. We have rarely met a kitty that was so dedicated to just hanging out and being near you.

If you are looking for a cat that’s goodhearted with a sassy side and loyal to the core, this is your dude!


Friendly, Affectionate, Smart, Curious, Funny

Coat length


Good in a home with
Other cats

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Urban Cat Coalition Policies

All cats are altered, microchipped, dewormed and given age appropriate vaccinations.PLEASE NOTE: We do not have a physical shelter, therefore all our cats reside in foster homes. We do require a completed application prior to setting up a Meet & Greet in a foster home. Complete an application today! Si necesitas ayuda en Español, por favor contáctenos a [email protected] cats are listed, consider them available. Please do not email or call us asking if they are still available. Visit our website for additional information about our organization, adoption policies and adoption fees.