With all due respect to Frank Caliendo (very little), comedian Shane Mauss might be the funniest comic with direct Wisconsin ties working today. The La Crosse native relocated to California long ago, but he graciously makes sure to swing through his home state fairly regularly to extoll his heady and hilarious scientific material to Wisconsin comedy clubs.

According to Mauss’ website (and nowhere else), the up-and-coming comic will return for his first run of Milwaukee shows since last November…which, coincidentally, is pretty much the last time Comedy Cafe booked a touring comic we cared to see whatsoever. Last time, Mauss’ set was largely populated with innovative evolutionary musings—and a tale of running from the La Crosse cops when he was underage drinking that ultimately culminated in him needing to wipe his ass with a donut—that are featured on his great 2013 hour-long special Mating Season (now streaming on Netflix!). Some 51 weeks later, he’ll return to Comedy Cafe for a four-show run between Thursday, November 6 and Saturday, November 8.

If you’ve always wanted to see what the inside of Comedy Cafe looks like and you’re not part of a bachelorette party or something, here’s your shot. Tickets are $12 (or $8 on Thursday), plus a two drink minimum. If you don’t have Netflix to help get you up to speed, here’s a 45-minute video of Mauss getting high with Doug Benson.

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