The hidden-ball trick is such a rarity in baseball because so many things have to go right—and even more things have to go wrong—for it to work. One player must be perfectly prepared, while another is completely distracted. That’s not even factoring the lack of interference from base coaches, teammates, or fans that’s required to pull off the feat. Still, every few seasons, everything seems to come together for a successful hidden-ball trick. No matter how it happens or what teams are involved, it’s always awesome.

Wednesday, a Brewers minor leaguer did it. Third baseman Lucas Erceg of the high-A affiliate Carolina Mudcats patiently waited to catch a runner napping off third base to complete the baseball rarity against Buies Creek. The heads up play by Erceg, who was drafted in the second round last year and is a top-20 prospect in Milwaukee’s farm system, helped extinguish a rally by Buies Creek and keep Carolina ahead. The Mudcats went on to win 3-0, but who really cares? Just watch this hidden-ball trick already.

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