It’s March. Another brutal, seemingly endless winter is mostly behind us, but it’s still kind of cold. So what? So let’s dance golf! Today, Milwaukee County Parks announced that five select golf courses—Lincoln, Grant, Oakwood, Greenfield, and Whitnall Park—will open this Friday (weather permitting, of course). Will it still be kind of cold this Friday? Our phone predicts 38 and windy, so yeah. But whatever. Let’s get this spring thing going, already.

Here’s a press release:

Golf in March?
Select Courses to Open Friday, Mar. 22
MILWAUKEE – Area golfers can break out the clubs this Friday as temperatures climb to the mid-50s.

Milwaukee County Parks will be opening 5 select golf courses in the area. All courses will offer tee times from 8:30 a.m.– 5 p.m., as long as the weather permits. The select golf courses are Lincoln, Grant, Oakwood, Greenfield, and Whitnall Park.

Golfers can walk the 9-hole courses of Lincoln for $11 and replay the same day for $6. Grant and Greenfield will be $13 for a 9-hole round and $18 for an 18-hole round. Oakwood and Whitnall will be $15 for a 9-hole round and $20 for an 18-hole round. Every course other than Oakwood will be walking only until turf conditions permit carts. Oakwood will have a limited amount of carts available. Look for the rest of the golf courses to open soon!

To book tee times, golfers can call or book each of the courses online, beginning Friday at 8:30 a.m.

For more on the Lincoln Park Golf Course, (414) 962-2400 visit

For more on the Grant Park Golf Course, (414) 762-4646 visit

For more on the Oakwood Park Golf Course, (414) 281-6700 visit

For more on the Greenfield Park Golf Course, (414) 256-4010 visit

For more on the Whitnall Park Golf Course, (414) 425-7931 visit

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