A few weeks ago, we sought to brighten up lives a little by documenting the budding friendship between a Glendale man named Bruce Dierbeck and an uncharacteristically brave suburban squirrel he named “Peapod.” Our original article included anecdotes about the unlikely relationship from Dierbeck himself, as well as up-close photos, and a supercut of Peapod videos.

In the weeks that have followed, the duo has apparently become closer—literally. A few days ago, Peapod took a cashew directly from Dierbeck’s hand, then stuck around to eat it nearby.

“He must have been hungry—though you wouldn’t know it since he’s as beefy-looking as ever—because was a lot less hesitant as he came over and delicately put his one paw on my hand for balance and then grabbed the cashew right from my fingers,” Dierbeck says. “It was great.”

Watch the heartwarming video below. After all, you probably need a break from the overwhelmingly terrible news of a world in rapid decline.

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