On October 1, 1988, the Bradley Center opened with an exhibition NHL game between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Edmonton Oilers. Who won? Milwaukee did. This meaningless game kicked off 30 meaningful years of large-scale events enjoyed by multiple generations of Milwaukee BC-goers. And now, we’re blowing it up.

Technically, Sunday’s demolition of the BMO Harris Bradley Center’s roof isn’t “blowing it up,” but the honest explanation of what’s happening isn’t as exciting. One would never read a story with “shape charge” or “seating bowl” in the headline, would one? With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the headline puns you’ll likely see in local and national articles about this next step in the Center’s demolition come Monday morning. Enjoy!

1. Razing The Roof
A take on the phrase “raising the roof.” “Razing” means “destroying.” “Roof” means “roof.” Get it?

2. Watch The Bradley Center Roof “Blow Up” On Social Media
Because you know everyone and their mother will be posting photos and videos of the big event.

3. The “Center” Of Attention / The “Center” Of Attraction
Because we’re paying ATTENTION to the demolition of the BMO Harris Bradley CENTER. And because there’s an old News 4 special from when the thing was built called “The Bradley Center of Attraction.”

4. BMO Harris Bradley Center Blows Its Top
True. Most would picture this as a dramatic building explosion with debris flying all over town, but, again, it’s not. It’s a shape charge-driven implosion whose noise will be mostly inaudible outside the immediate area.

5. BC Goes Topless
We hope nobody uses this one.

6. Love MKE. Blow Up A Roof
It worked for that car!

7. A Bowl With No Lid
Don’t you hate when that happens?

8. Charge!
Because it’s a sports arena and also there are explosive charges that will cause the roof implosion.

9. Bucksplosion

10. Bango Boom
Childish-yet-effective wordplay featuring the current mascot and former home of the Bucks.

11. [something about the BC having a Miller Park-style retractable roof]
It’s bound to happen.

12. The Bradley Center Roof Is About To E.X.P.L.O.D.E.
For all you Akira fans out there.

13. Sunday (Implo)sion-Day
A play on “Sunday funday,” and not a good one.

14. No Banners In The Rafters
Because the rafters will be gone. We definitely have banners, tough guy.

15. Dust-In Diamond
We’re hoping somebody misunderstands their assignment, writes an article about what they think is an old Brewers stadium, and uses this pun about Milwaukee regular, Dustin “Samuel ‘Screech’ Powers” Diamond, as part of the title. See, because there’s going to be a huge amount of dust falling into the arena.