August is officially “go-time” for cramming in as much summer fun as possible. Later today, we’ll have a piece about 50 things to do with the remaining 50 days of summer; for now, here’s a friendly end-of-summer public service announcement: ONLY 5 WEEKENDS REMAIN FOR THE 2021 BRISTOL RENAISSANCE FAIRE.

Seriously. Only five weekends (including the final day, Labor Day). That’s it. What are ye waiting for?

Need something to sweeten the pot? Events planning group Awkward Nerd Events has procured a chariot (a.k.a. a limo party bus), and will take 25 VIPs to the Faire on Saturday, August 7. Tickets are only $65, and are available NOW.

“It’s been two years since we’ve Ren Faire’d,” Awkward Nerd Events says, “and Awkward Nerd Events has created a VIP experience to remember to celebrate a return to ‘normalcy.’ As normal as dressing up as pirates, eating turkey legs, and shouting ‘God Save the Queen’ is.”

Oh yeah: this weekend is Pirate Weekend!

The Awkward Nerd party bus deal includes transportation to and from the Faire, entrance to the Faire, snacks and beverages, and a “VIP treasure chest full of booty, including a custom-made pewter pin to commemorate this year’s trip.” Plus, the party bus itself boasts A/C, leather wraparound seats, party lights, 42″ TVs, and USB charging ports. Swank!

The event is 18+, and proof of vaccination and an ID will be required. The bus will depart from Boone & Crockett (818 S. Water St.) at 9 a.m. on the 7th, and will pick everyone up at the Faire for the return to Boone at 7 p.m.

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“After the plague comes the renaissance.” Bristol Renaissance Faire returns beginning July 10