Through 49 games of the 2018-19 season, the Milwaukee Bucks have the best record in the NBA. As we’ve said before, the team is really, really good. They’ve been especially great in January. Including last night’s win in Detroit, the Bucks have gone 11-3 so far in 2019. You could say their prowess on the court has been a work of art…or at least capable of inspiring works of art.

As Giannis Antetokounmpo and company have dominated the Association during this young calendar year, one Midwestern artist has taken it upon himself to design a poster for each and every Milwaukee Bucks game of 2019. Posting under the name WavyDudeSilverSurfer, the artist has shared his work on the Bucks Reddit page and on the Reddit pages of each Milwaukee opponent. The man responsible for the posters in Allen Witkowski, a Minneapolis-based designer who, according to his bio, grew up in Wauwatosa and “feels a strong connection to Midwestern culture.”

He said on Reddit that he made it his 2019 goal to make a new poster for every game after becoming aware of the Portland Trailblazers’ gameday poster series. Now 14 games into Milwaukee’s January schedule, Witkowski has already shown a lot of versatility and imagination with his designs, and they only seems to be getting better. Like the team they honor, the posters are really, really good.

Bucks fans don’t exactly need another reason to look forward to games, but thanks to a Minnesota designer, we’ve got one. Check out all of Witkowski’s posters to this point below, and look for new ones on Bucks Reddit before upcoming games.

UPDATE: Here’s the last January poster and all of February’s designs.

UPDATE: Here’s all the March designs.

UPDATE: Here’s all the April designs.

UPDATE: Here’s all the May designs.

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