Even though this is technically the seventh My First Band episode, this was the first interview recorded for the show…by a long shot. Last October, host Tyler Maas asked Restorations if any members wanted to be interviewed for the yet-unnamed show when the band came to Cactus Club in Milwaukee to play in support of their recently-released masterpiece, LP5000. Despite the whole “podcast not actually existing” thing, two members of the Philadelphia rock outfit graciously agreed to sit down to talk about some of their early work.

Restorations bassist Dan Zimmerman (pictured second from left) and guitarist/keyboardist Ben Pierce (fourth from left) met Maas in the venue’s green room before their show last year. There, Zimmerman talked about growing up in small town Pennsylvania and Pierce discussed starting out in New Jersey before both were brought to Philadelphia to be part of a number of bands in the city’s vibrant D.I.Y. music scene. Along the way, the bandmates mentioned early shows in churches and skating rinks, they reminisced about CD-R demos, and everyone gave a ringing endorsement to Sticker Guy.

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