The Milwaukee Bucks’ road to the NBA Finals has been one that’s been full of excitement, amazing on-court moments, momentum-changing injuries, great story lines, dumb drama ranging from the “terrible city” thing to the Kevin Durant body guard thing, celebrity sightings, and role players stepping up in crunch time to help keep the journey going. Though it’s tough to pinpoint the best part of this incredible Bucks run, the sudden emergence of Bobby Portis as a new fan favorite and full-on Cream City folk hero is pretty high on the list.

After being buried on the bench at the end of the Bucks-Nets series, Portis came on strong in the Eastern Conference finals, bringing immeasurable intensity to Milwaukee and helping to fill in for an injured Giannis Antetokounmpo with two huge games against Atlanta. Even Sheryl Crow is singing his praises, and she’s not the only musician doing so.

Yesterday, a project that releases music under the moniker of “Jeez Louis” put out a Bobby Portis tribute track. The aptly-named “Bobby Portis (Remix)” is a basketball-focused version of the song “Bobby Tonyan,” which Jeez Louis released in honor the the eponymous Packers tight end back in January. This time around, Jeez Louis spits verses about BP’s death stare and his breakout games last week. While it’s no “Bucks Lust,” it’s still pretty great. To quote Portis himself, “Rise and grind! Stay locked in!” And listen to “Bobby Portis (Remix)” now.

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