Two weekends ago, Eric Andre Live! came through Milwaukee, and Turner Hall was never quite the same. By show’s end, Andre was standing on stage naked, copious bottles of ranch dressing had been emptied on the sold-out crowd, and three guests—one random person from the audience, an ancient history professor, and a Milwaukee rapper called SuperEgo—endured a lightning round of absurd and offensive questions from the show’s namesake and sidekick Hannibal Buress.

After the unforgettable event (and Buress’ post-show DJ set at Tonic Tavern), Andre was off to Pontiac, Michigan to do it all over again. Milwaukee rapper Vincent VanGreat joined him there, and was brought out on stage to be interviewed.

Eric Andre features Vincent VanGREAT on his tour from Uni-Fi Records on Vimeo.

The appearance was short and sweet, complete with the eponymous host inviting the rapper/producer to have sex with his dead wife, a surprise appearance from Kraft Punk (a cheesy Daft Punk knockoff), and VanGreat being asked things like which of his parents he’d rather have sex with and at what point in his career he’s going to “Vincent van Gogh chop [his] ear off.” VanGreat did his best to keep up. He fired comments back at Andre before the comedian ultimately destroyed his set for the second time in the show. Though VVG’s appearance seemed to get kind of heated at times, it looks as if they’ve made up.

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