There’s nothing better than a friendly game of baseball on Easter Sunday—especially if that friendly game isn’t friendly at all, and involves a bench-clearing, knock-down, drag-out brawl. Yes, yesterday’s Carlos Gomez-Gerrit Cole shit-storm during the Brewers-Pirates game is already stuff of legend, leading to plenty of hand-wringing from concerned baseball officials and sports writers (Think of the children!) and plenty of virtual ink and YouTube links from bloodthirsty bloggers. (Think of the clicks!) Plus, a bunch of mouth-breathers on Twitter are calling Gomez a “thug,” thus fulfilling the prophecy of the Internet in 2014.

So why not travel back to the Internet of 2008, fire up the ol’ Benny Hillifier, and enjoy the Gomez fight soundtracked by “Yakety Sax”—a.k.a. the Benny Hill song? Is it childish and stupid? Maybe. Is it on par with the “He started it!” explanations from Gomez and Cole? You bet.


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