There hasn’t been a new statue at Miller Park in quite a while. What’s it been, two years already? Fresh off the team erecting a pet home in its sad perpetuation of some desperate dog gimmick, the Brewers are about to make Miller Park’s 400 level a lot more enticing by unveiling the second Bob Uecker statue in two calendar years.

The statue, which will be unveiled in a private event Friday afternoon and officially presented before that night’s game, will be in Section 422—more famously known as the “Uecker Seats” among Brewers fans. The statue’s location is a less-than-subtle hat tip to an iconic Miller Lite campaign that found Mr. Baseball being relegated to the nosebleed seats.

Obviously, Milwaukee Record loves anything that honors Uecker. Still, we wonder if there were better Miller Lite commercials off which a statue could have been based…