The new season of Twin Peaks—a.k.a. Twin Peaks: The Return, Twin Peaks Season 3, or just “new Twin Peaks“—wrapped up earlier this week, and even though Twin Peaks has absolutely nothing to do with Milwaukee, let’s just talk about it anyway. Host Matt Wild is joined by fellow Peaks freaks Evan Rytlewski and Erin Frank to unpack and puzzle through David Lynch and Mark Frost’s unexpected, oft-riveting, oft-frustrating revival of their cult ’90s TV show. How did Rytlewski, Frank, and Wild originally discover Twin Peaks? What did they make of the grim prequel film, Fire Walk With Me? What were they expecting from The Return? What did they make of the divisive finale? And, above all, which one of them has attended a Twin Peaks fan festival? Grab some coffee, kiss Sonny Jim goodnight, and prepare for a yrev, very good time. (Spoilers throughout.)

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