With infrequent shows (many of which take place in basements), limited press, and two unheralded releases since rising from the ashes of Cousins back in 2013, it’s possible—if not probable—Blonder slipped under your radar. Those either adept or fortunate enough to stumble onto the band’s limited and obscured output has heard material with genuine emotion and beyond-their-years lyrics.

After spending much of 2015 and 2016 writing and recording in drummer Eric Risser’s basement studio, Blonder is ready to return, this time with its longest, most thoughtfully-crafted, and all-around best work yet. Blender (out June 16) is rife with raw instrumentation that drifts from breezy listlessness to momentary jolts of frantic expression, which opener “Lucky” and “Stupor” best illustrate. The quintet’s nine analog-recorded songs tote a barren structure and dual vocals that drive, twist, turn, before usually landing somewhere between rousing youthful outbursts (“Pot Hobby” and “Home Across The Hoan/Exitlude”) and mournful coming-of-age lamentations (“Fall Leaves” and “Heat And Secrete”).

“A lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into making this album,” Blonder bassist Vincent Gaa says. “This was an emotional time for the band, but here we are. And we couldn’t be more happy with how the album came out.”

Seconded. Before Blonder releases Blender on June 16, listen to three tracks from the album now, only at Milwaukee Record.

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