We here at Milwaukee Record are unironic appreciators of songs about the Green Bay Packers. Though there’s no shortage of music that fits that criteria, we’re always glad to hear a new track about the guys in Green & Gold…especially when Eddy J. Lemberger is involved.

You might recall Lemberger as the Milwaukee area musician responsible for such football-focused classics like “I Love My Green Bay Packers” and “Aaron Rodgers Rock & Roll,” among others. Last year, he also put out a basketball hype song called “Got Bucks Lust” shortly before Milwaukee’s NBA Championship run. He then chased “Bucks Lust” with some Brewers-themed tunes prior to the team’s brief playoff cameo.

Though we enjoy seeing his versatility, Packers songs are Lemberger’s bread and butter. And we’re pleased to report that he just dropped a new one yesterday. “This World Of Green And Gold” is a two-and-a-half-minute tune that seems to draw from the same well as “Got Bucks Lust,” with funky guitars, verbose lyrics, and a catchy chorus. But you know what they say: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Get ready for Saturday night’s playoff game and watch the video for “This World Of Green And Gold” now. [h/t – Jared]