Since the Green Bay Packers just clinched the top seed in the NFC and are gearing up for the playoffs (and, yes, because we also didn’t get around to booking a guest), My First Band is breaking format this week to focus on a strange and hyper-specific type of music: novelty Packers songs! Yes, both My First Band host Tyler Maas and engineer/co-producer Jared Blohm are Packer Backers and unironic appreciators of goofy, football-focused tunes.

Prior the this Sunday’s regular season finale and what’s sure to be a playoff run capable of inspiring a lot of new songs, Maas and Blohm talked about the soft spot they each have for Packers-related music, how the “genre” has changed and grown over the years, and some of their favorite artists in this creative category. Get ready to hear about memorable material from the likes of C.W.A., Happy Schnapps Combo, The Wedgies, The Wizenhiemers and Lil Wayne, as well as lesser-known green and gold greats like Widacre and Poopshovel. We’ll be back to the normal My First Band format next week! Probably.

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