You know that thing people do where they say they saw somebody famous perform in a place that’s much smaller than his or her popularity now warrants? Of course you do. Everybody does that. Even more special than that, though, are the rare occasions to see an artist at the height of their popularity in a personal, low-capacity setting. A limited number of comedy enthusiasts in Milwaukee will have that very opportunity the night of Wednesday, October 1, when Nick Thune and his theater-caliber body of work appear at The Underground Collaborative in the basement of the Grand Avenue Mall.

Fresh off his hilarious Folk Hero special and his recent Conan appearance, the popular musician/comedian hybrid will placemake the shit out of the fledgling mall by activating some laughter in a single-show appearance before a five-show weekend run at Up Comedy in Chicago. Allison Dunne and Jake Kornely will lend local support. Ticket details will come shortly.