Are you a fan of auctions? Are you a fan of auctions filled with fabulous items from fabulous local businesses? Are you a fan of auctions that culminate in live broadcast events with dodgy production values? Then buckle up for Milwaukee Record’s Pretty Good Online Auction! The auction goes live Friday, September 11, and ends in a six-hour Facebook Live thing Thursday, September 17 from 1-7 p.m.! Fun!

Here’s what you need to know about Milwaukee Record’s Pretty Good Online Auction, which bears absolutely no legal resemblance to a certain gone-but-not-forgotten televised auction:

• Beginning Friday, September 11, go to and bid on nearly 100 items from nearly 100 local businesses! There’ll be prize packs from places like Vanguard, Lakefront Brewery, Colectivo, Cactus Club, WMSE, Milwaukee Art Museum, Honeypie, Cousins, Mondo Lucha, Brass Rooster, Stag Barbershop, Silver City Studios, Lion’s Tooth, Brass Bell Music, Company Brewing, Lake Express, Bars & Recreation, Mystery Room Mastering, Burnhearts, Buxom Boudoir, X-Ray Arcade, Pfister Hotel, Saint Kate Arts Hotel, and many more! There’ll be gift certificates, swag, and other merchandise! There’ll be seats and bricks from Milwaukee County Stadium! There’ll be art from Dwellephant and Jeff Redmon! There’ll be stuff we found in our office! There’ll be more! It’ll all add up to nearly $20,000 worth of goodies!

Bidding will continue over the weekend and throughout the following week, culminating in…

A six-hour Facebook Live event Thursday, September 17 from 1-7 p.m.! Join hosts Matt Wild, Tyler Maas, and Josh Hoppert as they give you further information on each and every fabulous auction item. Will there be on-air shenanigans and other random silliness? Yes. Will there be surprise buy-it-now Deals of the Day? Yes. Will we take a shot every time there’s an overbid? Probably!

All proceeds will be split 50/50 between Milwaukee Record and the Riverwest Food Pantry. Nice!

So drop by Milwaukee Record this Friday to see each and every auction item (we’re adding more as we speak)! We’ll see you on our Facebook page September 17!