Back in the fall of 2016, we here at Milwaukee Record joined forces with Company Brewing to brew a beer. The collaborative beer is a spiced and infused riff on the Riverwest brewery’s delicious Night Rye’d Porter, which helps raise funds for a deserving local organization through sales each autumn and winter. Naturally, we decided to call this re-do of Company’s prized porter the “Milwaukee Record Re-Porter.” We’re proud of the beer and, yes, we’re pretty happy with the name we came up with, too.

Anyway, when we first announced the beer—which returned to draft lines and store shelves for a fourth year last week!—back in 2016, we decided to pair this news about this awesomely-named seasonal brew with a massive list of the best beer names from every brewery in the state of Wisconsin. In the three years since that article, some in-state operations called it quits. However, we’re pleased to say there are more breweries in the great state of Wisconsin than ever before…meaning there are more zany, random, and downright awesome beer names being made here now than there have been at any other time in history.

If you’re seeking clever wordplay, pop culture references, cuss words, and downright awesome imagery, you need look no further than this new, improved, and updated list of the best beer names at close to 150 breweries in Wisconsin. Cheers!

1840 Brewing Company — Box Of Fluffies
22 Lakes Brewing Company — Stay Gold Strong Ale
3 Sheeps — Cashmere Hammer
608 Brewing Company — Boom Chokalaka
841 BrewhouseCarnival Rye Ale
Agonic Brewing Company Denali Blonde Ale
AhnapeeFun Guy
Ale Asylum — Tears Of My Enemies
ALT Brew — Bikini Bottom
Amery Ale Works — Strawberry Peach Cider
Angry Minnow Brewing Company — Angels On The Sidelines
Appleton Beer Factory Spice Is Right
Badger State Brewing Company — Buzzy Badger
Bare Bones Brewery — A Christmas Tail Ale
Barrel 41 Brewing Company — Cinnamon Roll Crunch
Bavarian Bierhaus — King Of Prussia
Big Head Brewing Co.Bella Donna Dubbel
Biloba Brewing Company — Smokin’ Gramma
Black Husky — Smoke Monster
Bloomer Brewing Company — Rut
Blue Heron Brewpub — Dead Horses Cascadian Dark Ale
Brewery Creek — Frankenshandy
Brewery Nonic — Zesty Boi
Brewfinity Brewing Company — Quantum Wheat
Brewing Projekt — JackEau Imperial Pumpkin Stout
Brickfield Brewing — My Milkshake Brings All The Birds To The Meadow
Bridge Up Brewing Company — Brunch Buzz Breakfast Porter
Broken Bat Brewing Company — Golden Sombrero
Bull Falls Brewery — Prost-able Pils
Bullquarian Brewhouse — Don’t Milk The Bull
Capital Brewery — Jobu Rum Barrel Aged Brown Ale
Central Waters — Centraal Quadder
City Brewing Company Sportz Beer
City Lights Brewing Co. — Flower Sour
City Service Brewing — Road Trip
Company Brewing — Milwaukee Record Re-Porter
Component Brewing Company — Alphabetical Order
Copper State Brewing Company Up Nort’er
Dave’s BrewFarm — Leap Beer
Dead Bird Brewing Company
— Psycho Bot Pale Ale
Delafield Brewhaus
— Sleigh Wreck Ale
Door County Brewing Co. — Bare Bottom Madness Pale Ale
Eagle Park Brewing — Huey Lewis And The Boozier
Earth Rider Brewery — Charlie Parr’s Pale
East Troy Brewery — Private Rye’n
Enlightened Brewing Company — A Priori Pale Ale
Emprize Brew Mill — Wake Up Menasha
Explorium Brewpub — Patagonia Hitchhiker Lager
Ffat’s Brewing Company — Awkward Ninja
The Fermentorium Brewery & Tasting Room — Juice Packets
Fifth Ward Brewing Company — Forman’s Basement
Fox River Brewing Co. — Defibrillator Dopplebock
Full Mile Beer Company — Cromulent
Furthermore — Fatty Boombalatty
Gathering Place Brewing Company — Ryed Of The Valkyries
Geneva Lake Brewing Company — No Wake IPA
Giant Jones Brewing Company — Cyclops
Good City Brewing — Lord Lyon
Gray Brewing Company — Bitter Shenanigans
Great Dane — John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt Dunkel-Doppel-Hefe-Weizenbock
Grumpy Troll Brewery — Monk Sweat
Hacienda Beer Co. — Everything Eventually
Heart Of The North — Chasing Dragons
Hillsboro Brewing Company — Irish As Feck
Hinterland — Scotty 2 Hotty
Hop & Barrel — Stupendous Idiots
Hubbleton Brewing Company — Crooked Judge IPA
Indeed Brewing Company (Milwaukee Taproom) — Hello, Milwaukee
Inventors Brewpub — Marmalade On Toast
Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company — Big Butt Doppelbock
Karben4 — Idiot Farm Double IPA
K Point Brewing — The Hugh Grant English IPA
Kozy Yak — Talking Turkey Pilsner
Lake Louie — Golden Booty Cream Ale
Lakefront Brewery — My Turn: Junk
Lazy Monk Brewing — Pivo de Monk
Lion’s Tail Brewing Co. — Juice Cloud
Lucky’s 1313 Brewing Company — Everyday Funday
McFleshman’s Brewing Company — Scallywag
Mecan River Brewing Company — Midnight Mandolin
Melms Brewing Company — Honey Badger IPA
Miller Brewing Company — Miller Fortune
Milwaukee Brewing Company — Elf’s Lament
Minocqua Brewing Company — Pudgy Possum Porter
Minhas Craft Brewery — Good Ass Beer
MobCraft Beer — Batshit Crazy
New Glarus — Pumpkin Pie Lust
Next Door Brewing Company — Egon’s Revenge
Noble Roots Brewing Company — #007: Golden IPA
Northwoods Brewpub — Prickly Pike Pilsner
Octopi Brewing Company — Hop Rocket
Oliphant Brewing — Bort
Omega Brewing Experience — Thigh High Double IPA
One Barrel Brewing Company — Groundskeeper Willie Scotch Ale
Ooga Brewing Company — Weirdo In The Window
O’so Brewing Company — Vanilla Gorilla
Pabst Milwaukee Brewery — Milverine’s Tangerine Dream
Parched Eagle Brewpub — 4-Legged Doppelganger
Pearl Street Brewery — Me, Myself & IPA
PetSkull Brewing — Scandinavian Christmas Potion
Plymouth Brewing Company — Leprechaun
Point Brewery — Apricadabra
Port Huron Brewing Company — Skittlebrau
Potosi Brewery — Good Old Potosi
Public Craft Brewing Company — It’s Not A Tumeric
R’Noggin Brewing Co. — You’re Killing Me S’mores
Racine Brewing Company — Dragon Boat Warrior
Rail House Restaurant & Brewpub — Touchdown!
Raised Grain — Naked Threesome
Red Eye Brewing Company — Man Pants
Rhinelander — Thumper American IPA
Rock County Brewing — Hayracker Red IPA
Rockhound Brewing Company — T-Rex
Rocky Reef Brewing Company — Man’s Kid Stout
Rowland’s Calumet Brewing Company — Fat Man’s Nut Brown Ale
Rush River Brewing Company — Minion IPA
Rustic Road Brewing Company — Ol’ Dirty Santa
Sahale le Works — Rhymes With Koala
Saint Francis Brewing Company — Bean Me Up Scotchy
Sand Creek — Pickle Bucket Pilsner
Sawmill Brewing Company — Don’t Shoot Your Eye Out Stout
Second Salem Brewing Company — Cran-Man Wheat
Shipwrecked Brew Pub — Nor’Easter
South Shore Brewery — Barley Legal
Sprecher — Pineapple Express
Starboard Brewing Company — Taconite Dust
Stillmank Brewing Company — Fluffy Unicorn
Stock House Brewing Co. — Key WesTosa
Stone Arch — Houdini Honey Wheat
Sunshine Brewing Co. — Mayor’s Playground
Swinging Bridge Brewing Company — Downtown Julia Brown
SwitchGear Brewing Company — May Contain Nuts
Third Space Brewing Company — Ice Bear
Thirsty Pagan Brewing — Rocky IV
Titletown Brewing Company — Ned Flanders
Tribute Brewing Company — 28 Lake Lager
Tyranena Brewing — Sheep Shagger Scotch Ale
Urban Harvest — Nookie Nookie Pale Ale
Valkyrie Brewing Company — Dragon Blade
Vennture Brew Co. — Taste Buds
Vintage Brewing Company — Jinja Ninja
Water Street Brewery — Punch You In The Eye PA
Westallion Brewing Co. — Lillehammer Gold
Wisconsin Brewing Company — Bang Bang Meringue
Working Draft Beer Company — Rich Uncle
Zymurgy Brewing Company — Fluffhead

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