The Milwaukee Brewers’ 2015 season may be approximately 8,000 years away, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream of green grass, golden-brown hot dogs, and the dulcet tones of Robert G. Uecker calling the game. Helping that beautiful dream today is the Brewers organization itself, which just announced an exciting new “fan experience” at Miller Park. New food options? New between-inning entertainment? An upgrade to the Dew Deck? Nope: an elaborate museum exhibit called the “Selig Experience,” which will pay tribute to the outgoing Commissioner of Baseball (and former Brewers owner/president), Allan H. “Bud” Selig. Buckle up, baseball fans, ’cause this shit is going to be nuts!

In a press conference earlier this afternoon, the many thrilling components of the “Selig Experience” were laid out. The 1,400-square-foot exhibit will be an “interactive fan experience” that will include a 10-12 minute video highlighting Selig’s “unforgettable journey” from a baseball-obsessed boy to a baseball-saving commissioner. (Seriously: dude saved baseball in Milwaukee and deserves every honor coming his way, 2002 All-Star Game be damned.) A replica of Selig’s County Stadium office from his days as Brewers president will also be installed, complete with “historical artifacts” like stacks of paper, pencils, and chairs. But perhaps most enticing/insane is a 3-D Bud Selig hologram—we repeat, a 3-D Bud Selig hologram—which may or may not perform an entire set with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

The “Selig Experience” will be located in a currently unused portion of the left-field loge area, and is expected to open in late May or early June. Admission will be included with game-day tickets, though they could charge us an arm and a leg and we’d still line up for a chance to see a 3-D Bud Selig hologram.